Experience in excavation and drainage. Know-how in concrete and masonry work. Expertise in asphalt resurfacing, repairs, and installations, including stamped asphalt - the most revolutionary idea in decorative paving systems. With over 16 years of paving, bricking and digging, trust us when you need the job done right and on-time.

Here are some of the advanced materials made available to you as our customer:

ThermoPrint - ThermoPrint™ crosswalks consist of inlaid thermal plastics, flush with the surface for snow plow resistance. Available in a variety of patterns and red, white or yellow colors. Fast installation and traffic ready.

FrictionPrint - a mixture of epoxies and natural stone inlaid in the asphalt surfaces and printed. A 3/4" to 1" thick surface which will resist traffic and weather damage. High friction co-efficient.

FrictionPave - Two-part binders and natural stone in pattern or solid layouts 50mls. or .05 inches applied on top of asphalt and concrete surfaces with a minimum skid resistance of 50 fN40R. Designed for moderate to medium urban traffic volumes.

FrictionPrint™ and FrictionPave™ can be used in traffic calming solutions for traffic circles, medians, crosswalks and curb-to-curb street treatments.

StencilCoat - This surfacing system is ideal for crosswalks and sidewalks, and can be applied to both asphalt and concrete. It can also be applied to renew spalled concrete sidewalks and curbs with or without pattern, or to dress up existing sidewalks with patterns and to provide slip resistance.