The FrictionPave™ Surfacing System consists of a specially formulated two-part binder
topped with a pigmented or natural stone. Skid resistant and durable surfaces are
provided using the FrictionPave™ Surfacing System on both Asphalt and Concrete.

Our professional installers, trained in surface preparation as well as binder and stone application, apply the FrictionPave™ surfacing system.

You can choose from a variety of colored or natural stones to achieve the desired

And perhaps best of all, FrictionPave™ can be applied onto both new and existing asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Cambridge Granite

Charcoal Marble

Chinese Bauxite

Chinese Bauxite Buff

Chinese Bauxite White

Emerald Marble

Grey Mist Granite

Oxford Granite

Red Brick Granite

Safety Blue

Sandstone Granite

White Rose Marble

Composition, Performance Characteristics

FrictionPave™ consist of a thermo-set two part 100% epoxy binder and stone aggregate seeded onto the wet binder. Bauxite is recommended where high friction is required. Blends of bauxite and colored granite are available to provide the desired architectural required affect.

Thermo-set Binder Thickness:
Minimum average thickness of the thermo-set binder shall be 50 mils (.050 inch) or coverage per gallon of 32 sq ft.

Stone Aggregate Size:
Granite and Bauxite particle size shall be 1-3 mm.

Stone Aggregate coverage:
Minimum average coverage of stone shall be 1.25 lbs per sq ft of fixed stone
(embedded into binder).

Skid Resistance:
FrictionPave™ shall provide a minimum skid resistance value of 50 FN40R when tested with a locked wheel friction tester according to ASTM: E274-97 “Standard Test Method for Skid Resistance of Paved Surfaces Using a Full-Scale Tire”