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If you have a paving project that involves installation or alteration of curbs, sidewalks, and roadways, a builder’s pavement plan (BPP)
is probably required. The BPP must be filed and approved by the DOB and other regulatory agencies before you can start the project.

An experienced professional can work on your behalf or you can get the help of your contractor to file the plan for your project. At Yonkers Paving Concepts Inc. We know about the different processes and the specific requirements set by the state, getting your project approved more quickly.

Yonkers Paving Concepts, Inc. has over thirty years of experience in the construction and paving industry. Whether you need a driveway
or a highway, we can handle your paving project with great proficiency and accuracy regardless of its size and requirements.

Getting the help of an experienced paving contractor like Yonkers Paving Concepts, Inc is your best choice to have your paving project proceed with minimal delays Your contractor can also explain to you the specific requirements such as the types of permits needed and the documents that must be submitted to the correct agencies.

So if you need a BPP for your current or next project, call Yonkers Paving Concepts, Inc and we’ll work with you to make sure that your project is built in line with industry standards and compliant with state laws and regulations.

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