ThermoPrint HT™

ThermoPrint HT™ is a specially formulated decorative thermoplastic material that uses anti-skid aggregates to create this durable, road-marking material. ThermoPrintHT is typically installed to improve pedestrian safety at high traffic intersections, while providing decorative enchacement to the cityscape. Preformed sheets are heat-applied to an asphalt surface and then stamped using a cable template pattern. The results? A surface that is durable, safe and decorative.

The “ThermoPrint HT™ High Traffic Surfacing System” consists of imprinting a pattern into a heated asphalt surface, lifting the pattern stencil and filling the imprint with thermoplastic specially tooled to fill the imprint. The thermoplastic is then heated providing a bond to the asphalt. The surface is left to cool and is then ready for traffic.

Flush with the surface, ThermoPrint HT™ is snow plow resistant and is designed for urban traffic volumes with severe wear. It will not deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight, oil, gasoline, water, salt or pavement oil content and has been formulated to meet NYDOT specification Item 601.9402 XX M.

Composition and Performance Characteristics


The pre-formed thermoplastic material shall have a minimum of 30% uniformly distributed glass beads throughout the entire material. The exposed layer of glass beads shall provide immediate retro-reflectivity without additional glass beads being added on the material during application.

The pre-formed material shall conform to the pavement contours. The marking shall have resealing characteristics and be capable of fusing to itself and previously applied like materials.

The pre-formed materials shall upon application exhibit uniform adequate nighttime reflectivity. Using a LTL 2000 Reflectometer with a 30 meter geometry, the pre-fitted thermoplastic material shall be capable to exceed a retro reflectivity value of 375 millicandelas for the color white. Custom color reflectivity will vary with darker colors producing significantly fewer millicandelas.

Skid Resistance:
The surface of the pre-formed thermoplastic material shall provide a minimum skid resistance value of 45 BPN when tested according to ASTM: E 303-74.

The minimum average thickness of the pre-formed thermoplastic material shall be 150 mils.

* NYDOT Compliance can be verified by contacting:

Patrick Galarza, PE
NYSDOT – Materials Bureau
POD 3-4
50 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12232

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